A Day At The Urinal

Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-29-2007, Uploaded By : Daanish
Directed By :  Daanish Wain, student,Canada,
   Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.88 mins
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Inspiration: Too much time spent thinking at Urinals and too many distractions. Cheesy Game Shows, Video Games and JFK Airport terminal 4 urinals!
Other Info: This may be considered "potty" humour by some but i tried to capture the true beauty of a urinal. lot of quality was lost! Fly was hard to train!

well done...very creative and funny...i was routing for alex...good luck 
interesting concept...lol..well done 
haha.. that was hilarious.. funny camera angles.. and concept.. well done Daanish :D 
I love poo but pee is always number one. 
You have trained the fly superbly! :-)Good concept, nicely shot. 
Really well edited. Great concept. Funking brilliant 
Very funny and original. That fly was a good shot. 
This was really well made, engaging and original. 
That was a lot of fun. Nice simple joke, well executed. The game show voice over could be tightened up a bit to make it sound more like a real game show, but over all a very solid piece. This one goes in the short list. 
yeh it was funny. good job! 
thanks a lot Ryan. I wanted the voice over to be more like a game show host (was thinking the price is right) but this is the best i could get it at the time. I was trying to go for the really whiny/excited voice. I'm glad you enjoyed it though :D 
Thanks for the compliments Ismail. I hope the fly was believable enough! 
Definitly One of the best short for this competition, good idea, the acting could have been better, GOOD LUCK. 
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