Dead News

Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-30-2007, Uploaded By : Morten
Directed By :  morten Ranmar, ,,
   Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.01 mins
, ,    Views: 562
Inspiration: I always wanted to do something NOIR.
Other Info: Another reporter has been shot. Bill takes over his story - but will he also end up dead?

Haw haw haw! Noir with Post it notes and Computers :) Cute :) 
Interesting! Great locations, and I liked how you put the noir feel to modern technology. 
Twist was very well disguised but also made sense. Hated the start and the bad acting and poor shots at the start, loved the little noir details like the notes and the files and the tension which makes you ask questions. This one got better as it went along! I love a film with a strong ending!Nice one. 
That was wonderful twist! Very well edited and good locations! 
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