Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-30-2007, Uploaded By : VIKRAM
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reminded me of childhood days...liked it 
Good job! Very touching. . .best of luck! 
very gud vikram.good job. 
reminds me of pitu garam (if thats how you spell it)! well shot! 
Interesting mix of styles and shots. Some cuts could have been tighter to enrich the telling. Shots aren't too wide and aren't too close. Although the music is great, I think it burdens the visuals and the story. I feel the visuals are trying to drag the music along, rather than the music being merely an atmosphere of incidence. Very watchable! 
Interesting shots. I liked the music also. It has a nice inocent feel to it. Good work. 
Very good message in the short. Good job. 
I liked film though i did feel that the treatment could have been better. Plus i agree wil Adam on the music front. Its almost distracting. Try starting the music when you reveal the blind boy amit. Use teh indian sounds to dramatise and intesify the begining and teh break into the song as sggested above. Nice concept ! 
Well done! Great story and visually entertaining. Good Luck! 
Hey Vikram. Liked the film. Very well shot. Not sure about the music though. The transitions are too many........but good film. Cheers. All the best :) 
Also wish you had played around with the sound of the claps. Just a suggestion............ 
hi,thanks for the suggestion. well while finalising the music i too was not sure about it but had to finalised due to lack of time.anyways thanks. 
hi,thanks for the great suggestion. 
hey, thanks 
hi,thanks for the suggestion.vikram 
hey,thanks a lot. 
thanks a lot 
haa haaa, thats great. thanks 
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