The Mating Game

Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-31-2007, Uploaded By : Cullen
Directed By :  Cullen Paul Wright, Video and Film Production,Lincoln, NE,
   Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.03 mins
, , United States   Views: 1410
Inspiration: A conversation Matt and I had at a party and my own frustration with the mystery that is woman.
Other Info: CAST: Matt and Gwen Volmer CREW: Written and Directed by Cullen Paul Wright. DP: Brooke Glaser Produced by: Cullen Paul Wright and Brooke Glaser

Nicely edited... and funny idea. 
veru cute. i liked the fact you really succeed the task of comunicating a story. cute! i belived your actors. 
Most of the boys in world can relate to this :-) good one! 
gud work cullen.nicely mine too. 
I put this on my list. Funny, well shot, edited, acted, etc. Great job! 
Things just ain't the way the used to be since wimin's lib eh? Really well put together film. Congratulations. 
cute! loved it! :) really funny. 
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