Prophet Gump

Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :06-29-2007, Uploaded By : Nedialka
Directed By :  Zlatka Shetkova, artist,Bulgaria,
Shot On: 25.06.07, Edited On: 26.06.07,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.00 mins
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Inspiration: a close-up prophecy test

cool idea for the Prophecy Zlatka! good editing as well! 
Yeah great editing, and I liked the grade you used. Music was cool too, well done. Brant (CAT) 
great editing! n simple but nicely presented concept. Deepak(G-4) 
Brilliant concept. Amazing editing. Very good work. - Ricardo Salcedo (El Arte de Lavar Platos) 
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