The Unfortune Cookie

Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :06-29-2007, Uploaded By : Bret
Directed By :  Bret MacDonald, Student,Montreal,
Shot On: Panasonic dvx 100B, Edited On: Adobe Premiere,  Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.00 mins
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Inspiration: Poorly written prophecies found inside a cookie.

I like the beginig. How many of us would like to knock gods door looking for answers. 
good flick. nice pace to the editing. natebower (Belief), Very well!! 
hahahah. Bret, great writing! I liked the way your movie flowed. Short and sweet movie. 
hey man! i liked god and his entry! It was very humourous! good job! Deepak(G-4) 
Thanks for the support. Really enjoyed yours! 
Thanks a lot. I loved yours as well. 
A ninja convention and an Italian on his way to work... lmao. Very funny. Great writing. - Ricardo Salcedo (El Arte de Lavar Platos) 
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