The Prophecy

Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :06-13-2007, Uploaded By : Joseph
Directed By :  Joseph Chiang, Printmaker,Singapore,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 1.70 mins
, , Singapore   Views: 855
Inspiration: A pack of cards and a bowl of apples...
Other Info: An absurdist comedy about a man who tries to prophesy his own immediate future.

cool idea and great shots! i thought the music went well and the acting helped push this forward! 
very nice filmmaking style. the suicide "decision" at the end was intriguing. Made my short list. 
Nice editing, created a great rythm. The black and white photography came out pretty good also. 
Good work especially the editing pace with the music.Absurdist comedy it sure is! 
Was really interesting til the end..nice camera work and editing too.. - Deepak(G-4) 
Clever idea, great filming. You sure are prolific. 
Original idea. Great editing. - Ricardo Salcedo ( El Arte de Lavar Platos ) 
Thought provoking and well shot. 
Thanks, Daanish! 
Thanks, John, for putting my film in your short list! Really appreciate that! 
Thanks, Daniel! Appreciate that you took the time to watch and comment on my short! 
Thanks, Nyay! 
Thanks for your kind comments, Deepak! Seen your film too and I enjoyed it a lot! 
Thanks, Sahra! I don't have a big crew, so I have to do almost everything on my own. 
Thank you, Ricardo! Your film made me laugh a lot with the deadpan humor! 
Thanks, Sean! 
i like the ritm, nice photograf. watch minute by fernando reyes 
Thanks, Fernando! I had watched your film and thought it was really refreshing! 
Well done Joseph another great film! 
Thanks, Brant! 
shortlisted for sure... good work! 
very clever ending. Well shot. Great music. 
Thank you very much, Dean! Really appreciate that! 
Thanks, Ashling! Watched your short and I enjoyed it a lot too! 
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