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Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :06-21-2007, Uploaded By : Marco
Directed By :  Marco Silvestri, ,Barcelona,
   Crew Members: 9  Duration: 3.02 mins
, , Spain   Views: 586
Inspiration: Luis Bunuel

good editing. benigno piņera "cassandra" 
Great transition on the phone. Well done. natebower (Belief) 
marco that's some great editing! 3 mins and you kept me interested throughout! 
Greatly edited and nice story! Great job. 
excelent!!! just greate!!! me encanto!! y love the way you convine the cutting of the chicken with her voice so calm and nice, and when you pass to the other phone, well, y so well minute by fernando reyes 
Yeah really well cut, gave it a lovely pace. Very captivating film, well done. Brant (CAT) 
great!! you compose very well 
Though i'm a vegetarian, ur short kept my interest and made me watch the chiken being chopped! :-) Liked the concept very much.. - Deepak(G-4) 
I love this. Count on my vote. - Ricardo Salcedo ( El Arte de Lavar Platos ) 
I love the use of red in this film, and its associations. 
Really liked the feel of this film. The jump cuts worked very well through the chicken butchering. I'm fascinated by this film because I'm not sure if the dead girl is supposed to be in another apartment, or if she is in the same one, or if the dead girl is actually a premonition of her own death, maybe. It leaves me incomplete in the way Cache made me feel. Its confusing, but effective. 
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