Hold Up

Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :06-26-2007, Uploaded By : David
Directed By :  David Cleeve, Student,Melbourne, Australia,
Shot On: DVX100, Edited On: Adobe Premiere Pro,  Crew Members: 6  Duration: 2.13 mins
Melbourne ,Victoria , Australia   Views: 559
Inspiration: Everyday banter between employees at work, proposing crazy situations - what if they came true? *IGNORE END SLATE* www.truerideproductions.com

Having worked at Blockbuster, I loved it. natebower (Belief) 
an entertaining film! i enjoyed it! 
very funny and well executed! congratulations! 
really funny, and well edited! Justin Pinto (The Prophecy) 
Similar thing happened to me when i was working in a software company :-) good one! nice shots too.. - Deepak(G-4) 
hahah great script, acting and editing! You put this together really well David! Well done! 
I empathize with this one. 
That was hysterical. Very good writing. - Ricardo Salcedo (El Arte de Lavar Platos) 
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