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Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :07-10-2007, Uploaded By : Himanshu
Directed By :  Himanshu Vora, Film Maker / Screenwriter,Mumbai,
Shot On: Sony hi8 handycam, Edited On: Windows Movie Maker,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.24 mins
, ,    Views: 510
Inspiration: Highly talkative but pretentious people.
Other Info: The marketing guy has found a potential business prospect but then loses him due to his coincidental big bite of sandwich and delay in answering him.

i liked the acting :) hahah it's like he's talking to himself. "bichare couriers". thats great! Good concept man. 
i like his character. 
Thank you Nathan! :-) 
Thank you Daanish. Thanks to Dhruv Ganesh the actor who played it well. I guess he saved the show! And thank you for liking the concept! :-) 
good work with comic timing.won't be surprised if some ad agency picks it up as an idea for a commercial ;-) 
Thank you Nyay! :-) 
Nice film. I liked your actor very much and the way we saw him from his business prospect's point of view. 
funy, very good and funy! This guy can be a other Rowan Atkinson, :))) 
cool comic stuff ...'TAKEN' daniel stephenson 
the film is quite humourous, very interesting and the idea is original. i liked it. just that this is the third film ive seen in this competition which is 'found and lost' and not 'lost and found'. anything that u had particularly in ur mind about this concept? - smitha (Lost and Found - a new hope). may i invite u to watch my film too. cheers and good luck :-) 
That's some top acting, shame about the sound though. Check out a retelling of the Red Riding Hood story by Vangelis Mylonas 
Great acting and very funny too! --Joseph Chiang (Remembrance of Things Lost and Found) 
The acting really made this short stand out. Nicely done! Check out "13 1/2" afterwards. 
Thank you! I already have seen yours and voted for it too! 
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