Lost Killer

Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :07-29-2007, Uploaded By : Nathan
Directed By :  Nathan Van Horn, Student,Canada,
Shot On: JVC Camcorder, Edited On: Macintosh,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 1.96 mins
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Inspiration: It`s getting harder to meet people

I like it, but i guess the sound is not that good, i didnt understand some parts. i invite you to Watch "minute after" by fernando reyes 
haha nice job, good how you have set up and established a sleeze bag then given him his come-uponce all in 2 minutes.Check out mine "Black and White" 
hahaha! funny movie man! and loved the idea Nathan! good job! 
pretty funny...probably true story for someone! - Nathan 'One' 
Heheh, ace! Very clever. Check out a retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale by Vangelis Mylonas 
hahaha thx for the laugh, well delivered. good luck! (Batu Ajaib) 
hehehe, funny! 
Very clever and legitimately funny.--Cameron ("Lucidity") 
That's a thoroughly enjoyable and funny film to watch. It had me glued to my seat till the end! 
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