Buscando..A (Looking For ..A)

Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :07-30-2007, Uploaded By : Mario
Directed By :  Mario Perez de Alba Corona, Actor,MC,
Shot On: México, Edited On: Final Cut Express,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.31 mins
, , Mexico   Views: 1129
Inspiration: My brother, the piano and many coincidences on life daily sounds.
Other Info: When u have lost it, the sound of music could be found everywhere.

esta bueno!! que tal es dirigir y actuar? es muy buena idea la de haber filmado en un fondo negro, le da un aire de fantasia, de farsa. checa el mio "minute after" 
love the aesthetics. Good idea and good job. -Micheal "Black and White" 
Bravo! nice story, nice sound track and good montage...Good luck....Fée mine (Miguel Story...) 
Interesting, minimalist approach to filmmaking with really nice cinematography and lighting technique! Well done! --Joseph Chiang (Remembrance of Things Lost and Found) 
one of the best. have shortlisted u.wonderful concept. pls watch"Lost n Found in America"by Khan and Kavitathanx 
being a bit of a music geek myself i can definately appreciate this movie! Great shots! well edited! awesome pacing! excellent! - Daanish (Nadir) 
Great film, Mario. Excellent angles and lighting. And it felt very relatable (I doubt that's spelled right) to the music making process. Or any art for that matter. Again, good job.--Cameron ("Lucidity") 
Reply to u again cause ur short is great, what a vivid idea of taking the subject of ur memories, ur life and everything surrounding you, lets keep in touch mongiperez@yahoo.com.mxgreetings from México 
Thanx again Danish, really appreciate the comments on Buscando..A, maybe we can work together some day! 
oye que original! me encanta el enfasis que le das al sonido, tus tomas tambien me gustaron bastante 
tienes madera del actor! buen trabajo, mucha suerte y adelante! 
i can definitely relate to this. great storytelling. Check out a retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale by Vangelis Mylonas (and tell me what you think about the music too :) ) 
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