Lost And Found

Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :08-01-2007, Uploaded By : Santiago
Directed By :  Santiago Tapia, filmmaker,Boston, MA,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.15 mins
, , United States   Views: 1519 Other Info: Thanks to cast and crew Ken Gottleib, Carlos Folgar, Samantha von Sperling, Robert Baldassari

Very clever! I enjoyed it. R.R. Wham 
Hilarious! I loved when the girl suddenly got mad; "Do you want to see you're brother die?"Well done,Mns "Lady Luck" 
This has so much energy and jumps right off at the beginning, never skipping a beat! 
It look like you're still making the same films you were 6 months ago. The acting is wooden, it's shot and cut to appear stylish but it feels empty, and the repetitive soundtrack seems recycled from your other movies (and I haven't even watched one since the spring). I mean this more as a challenge than anything, because it seems like you're very much making the film you want to make, I just wish that film were something more worthwhile. 
wow nice job man! great editing and lovely story. i love your style it's very original and definitive and it gives your characters a very fun and wild feel. check out mine: "Lost 
Good directing, the pacing is excellent. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a thing for POVs. Check out a retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale by Vangelis Mylonas 
Funny idea and dialogues! There's a lot of energy in this! Take a look at my short, "13 1/2" afterwards. Hope you enjoy. 
Great acting on the part of the "brother"! Fun stuff. --David (Lost in the Forest) 
loved it. lots of energy, great pacing...you got the atmosphere totally right.pls watch"Lost n Found in America"by Khan and Kavitathanx 
i had the most fun watching this one :-) those were some good ideas!("Lost and Found") 
lol, welcome back mate, that was awesome! 
haha this was funny! completely different from your last one! great shots and interesting story! - Daanish (Nadir) 
I absolutely agree here. Although i still get a laugh and enjoy ur filmmaking, its starting to get a little boring. Would like to see u take on something different for a change. 
Great. Simply great. Just a very original concept executed wonderfully. I was cracking up.--Cameron ("Lucidity") 
I love the vein of humor that weaves through this film. Nice! Amina Khan ('Lost and found in America" 
Another well made film you've got here, Santiago! This one is equally brilliant! 
This film stood out a mile! It certainly is a good explanation of one theory of Lost and Found. It kept my attention through out, but had just have enough content not to confuse the viewer. Well done. 
he he, good one guysnice produced and a craqzy story line, love the ending, keep it up - Justin (The Gaunt Silence) 
buenos planos y buena edicion. me encanta este estilo, buen trabajo colega y mucha suerte! 
Muy divertido el corto, buena edicion, voy a ver tus otros cortos, solo he visto dos. Y porque estan molestos dos individuos de alla abajo, mejor que se pongan a trabajar. Es mejor que te critiquen a que te ignoren. El otro ao voy a ir por tu patria a visitar unos familiares, talvez te encuentro por alla haciendo alguna pelicula jejeje. Buena Suerte. 
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