Can Man

Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :08-01-2007, Uploaded By : Chris
Directed By :  Chris McGuire, ,Jersey Shore,
Shot On: Canon Hv20, Edited On: fcp,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.98 mins
, , United States   Views: 476
Inspiration: Help!! Audio slighty out of sync during export using FCP. Plus a couple of frames were added to export, creating a repeat of movements
Other Info: Can`t figure out the problem, can anyone help? Shot on Canon Hv20

Nice work! Too bad about the sync problem, can't help you there since my exports always seems to fail. Didn't really understand the ending? 
It could be the compression type you used..try Sorenson 3 QT. Neat film concept! - Nathan 'One' 
liked the idea, its well made too.pls watch"Lost n Found in America"by Khan and Kavitathanx 
some really nice angles - watch mine - Jaryd Dream Invaders 
cool dialogue and very original idea! lots of great shots too! acting was well done! good job! - Daanish (Nadir) 
Nice low angle shots. They were really effective. Great location too.--Cameron ("Lucidity") 
Wow, you managed to tell a good story within the 3 minutes limit! On top of that, you've got some nice shots here too! 
you got some good actors there. good storytelling too. Check out a retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale by Vangelis Mylonas 
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