Contest Name :Lost and Found, Submission Date :09-21-2007, Uploaded By : Anne
Directed By :  Anne Heeno, Director,Denmark,
Shot On: Sony DVCAM, Edited On: Adobe Premier Pro,  Crew Members: 6  Duration: 3.38 mins
, , Denmark   Views: 2363
Inspiration: When things get lost I often spend a lot of time finding them again. What`s the point of that?

this is a very very well directed film! loved it (a regular day in anaīs irregular life) 
I loved this, yep I think we have all had these thoughts at some point in our lives. If only I had turned left?, what if I went here? This film deals with all these kind of thoughts very well.Very much enjoyed this short, well done guys and good luck!!!CheersTrev'Bruno'www.foolhardyfilms.com 
I was wayching this short for a second time... realy great 
Thank you very mutch for your nice words. It means a lot to me, especially because it comes from a director, whose film I really like. 
Thank you very mutch. It really means a lot to me. Thanks. 
Thankīs for your nice words. 
Wow. How did you do that? I couldn't do that. How did you do it? Very impressed. 
Amazing...I just saw it again and think its amazing! 
Wow - amazing visual fx, great camerawork, great music. Well done on a strong idea well executed! :-) 
Thanks a lot. Do you mean the FX or what? 
Thank you for the nice words. It means a lot to me. Thanks 
Thank you for the nice words. It means a lot to me. Thanks 
yeah, I guess I kinda get the clock in the beginning (they do it with computers, right?) but the "freeze"...? I mean, I can see the camera movement afterwards? In the same clip? It cannot be motion control, right? 
Hi Måns. Iīll let my vfx guy answer this question.- About the doubble-girl shot: The principles of the shot is that of motion control, but it was constructed manually, meaning we didnīt use a computer controled camera, but in post tracked the camera movement of the live-girl shot and aplied these movements to the freezed-girl shot.Having said that, it wouldnīt have worked so nicely if we hadnīt run a test on the hole workflow of the fx-shot prior to the shooting of the film. You always get value knowledge when making a previz off the things that are technically challenging. And if the FX is important for the story itself, meaning that the FX is the "main character" of that particullar shot, it is crusual that it dosenīt break the audiences concentration because of incorrect behaviour.So thats it. The succeses of the FX was that we planned it and tested it. 
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