Hare In The Gate

Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :08-19-2007, Uploaded By : Rudolf
Directed By :  Rudolf B., Film Editor,London,
Shot On: Canon XL1, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.11 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 730
Inspiration: Dealing with good old celluloid.

Good sound and for sure ...goood editing. Good luke.Fée (The voyeur in a boy's house) 
Hi RudolfEditing and Sound was unparalleled....I do wish that you had used a female voyeur instead,would have added a new dimension to the whole film....-"YOU by Khan and Kavita" 
haha. that made me laugh. i loved his character, i reckon there is scope for development. azi rahman ''the voyeur'' unseen press junket. 
I like how you photographed and edited it, the farsic tone in the voyeurs acting makes it fun to watch and the hand coming out is a surprise. Nice. If you have a chance watch my short SEE and tell me what you think. 
hahaaha....NICE....ha.ha..well done Rudolf very well act too"Voyeur by Divakar Ghodake" 
Funny charachters, funny short good!Nice appearing by ''El santo''the silver masked over there.Mario (The crystal eye) 
Cute, but could be shorter. "Hole In One" page 5 
disturbingly funny. agree with the "coulda been shorter comment. good job. check out "endeavor". 
Love the play on words with the title, very witty. I loved your characters wardrobe and his over the top eccentric choices. It was great. The music was perfect. I really dug it. 
Like the geek character's facial expressions. Cool that you did something comical as most others seem too serious. If you get a chance check out my film "glory box" on page 2. be cool to know what you think. cheers and good luck 
the intro was really well done! everything was well edited. acting was great as well! you definately kept me interested throughout! daanish (Public Service Announcement) 
Great and fun acting! Great, professional work. Congrats! "muiraquitã" by Daniel Barosa 
Nice little film, could have done with a trim. My film is "seeing jenny" on page 3. 
That was disturbingly entertaining. Fantastic editing. (Nate Bower - "Safe" - pg. 4) 
All that porX, all that 35mm, all that jazz....great! Really funny, so of a funny version of the end part in mine, which is.... ta-da.... DON'T PANIC! Watch it. 
A quirky and entertaining film which I enjoyed a lot! Keep it up! 
I really think this is well done, well shot. :Sigh: sound recording seemed a little out of place to me and in general I feel things could have moved along more quickly. A great idea for the theme and it looks great. Well done. 
Fantastic! You have my vote!! Good luck. 
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