Shameful Legacy

Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :08-19-2007, Uploaded By : Rob
Directed By :  Travis Earl, Teacher,Sydney,
Shot On: MiniDV, Edited On: Final Cut Express,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.01 mins
, ,    Views: 694
Inspiration: A man with voyeuristic tendencies and a large collection of magazines used to live 3 doors down from me. This is (almost, sort of, kinda) his story.
Other Info: Key crew - Robin Royce Queree, Rob Leggo, Travis Earl. Pause the credits for the rest!!!

I liked how you used the family footage to tell the story, funny and original. If you have a chance watch my short SEE and tell me what you think. 
very funny, and it's hard to make people to have a good laugh these days in such a short time. good work. 
This was very cute. "Hole In One" page 5 
That was hillarious! 
So funny TRavis!good work!Mario (The crystal eye) page 5 
This is a original one. I realy like that.Good editing and acting. Good luke.Fée 
Comedy in 3 minutes! First one that made me laugh so far.. good one! 
hahaha your films are very funny, this didnt disappoint, hilarious! nice work. 
funny and original! made my day thanks. good luck! mar "Memories" 
great editing. hahaha this is hilarious! awesome story. Great work once again Travis! - Daanish (Publice Service Annoucement) 
That was just too much fun. (Nate Bower - "Safe" - pg. 4) 
Hahaha... very funny. Loved it! Great rythm; nicely done. "muiraquitã" by Daniel Barosa 
Some really fantastic camera movements!! Shot very well. Great sound effects, great concept, and really well executed. Good job man! 
A delightful film that is both funny and enjoyable to watch! It had me laughing out loud! 
Hahaha, nice work! its one coincidence - a have filmed the first part, joking hahaha, check it: "The Spamer" 
totally awesome. good pace and very funny. your main character is very steve martin-like, and it works really well for the part. check out "plastic dream" sonia 
That was fun! (except the dog hitting bit!!) Good luck. 
I found this film clip quite funny and just enough humour in the right places, but yet it still qualified to explain the title. Well done. 
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