The Ultimate Voyeur

Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :08-20-2007, Uploaded By : Mistre
Directed By :  Mistre Tesfaye, Independent Filmmaker,Stockholm, Sweden,
Shot On: Panasonic DVX-100, Edited On: Avid Xpress Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.98 mins
, , Sweden   Views: 1200
Inspiration: Things I don`t understand
Other Info: Genre: Existential comedy I hope religious people wont be offended

Very cool. My favorite so far in this category. Check mine out. Much different take on the voyeur but I think you'll like. 
bravo! now can you do one about the prophet mohammed? 
Very good concept. For me it would be perfet if you ended when god says goodnight with no cuts and no frame changing. But anyways, I think is a well told story. 
...OHh....realistic film about the life...GoOD..."Voyeur by Divakar Ghodake" 
I have seen similarities in many shorts inlcluding mine..howcome? is like we know someone could be watching us at all times..Very well Mistre.Mario (The crystal eye) 
aestheticly boring. but great story. 
Creative angle, A bit of poor taste, but if you can't take a joke. Shouldn't have had the cutaway. "Hole In One" page 5. 
Why not...not too much action but good edea.Fée. Good lukeThe voyeur in boy's house 
i agree that it should end when they say goodnight, but him watching porn just adds to the controvery. excellent analogy. great dialogue! very cool. well done. 
I thought it was clever, very funny and entertaining! 
I loved this. The one take thing worked well. My film is "seeing jenny" on page 3. 
hahaha Mistre that was awesome! such a clever script! good luck with this one! - Daanish (Publice Service Annoucement) 
That was great. "Ketchup". (Nate Bower - "Safe" - pg. 4) 
nice short, nice idea, spoiled by the ending. 
I'm tempted to say: "Jeeesus"....but I won't....great idea, funny twist (even though it spoils the "greatness" a bit, it's still sort of funny...) Dad was good acting, Jesus....could have been better! 
Interesting idea and funny too. good luck! 
great idea. very funny dialoge and scene.check out loss in hi8 if you get a chance 
Top Drawer. It's where the underwear is. Fantastic. 
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