Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :08-31-2007, Uploaded By : Fili
Directed By :  Fili Seifert, ,Copenhagen,
Shot On: Panansonic DVC Pro, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.11 mins
, , Denmark   Views: 3201
Inspiration: Filmaka
Other Info: Watch carefully

I think it's a very good idea, but maybe it takes a little long to reach the turning point. If you have a chance watch my short SEE and tell me what you think. 
Nice idea. Goes on a too long while we're left waiting for something to happen, but I thought it worked by the end. 
ahh.. very intersting. you know what? i would have LOVED it if the whole thing was just the one, first shot. a couple filming themselves in the bathroom, admiring themselves while we admire them. double voyeur. but the way you did also works very well...! 
cool idea! liked the twist in the end, very original. the timing works out fine for me. good luck! Mar "Memories" 
Not too much action...good sound.... Fe 
Cute... I like it when they hug..hehe. I think the detail shot where the man touches the camera isn't necessary, I'd like it a lot more without it. Great ending!"muiraquit" Daniel Barosa 
Now that was quiet an ingenious surprise! I think you could've made your point with a slightly shorter version, but overall I though it was great! 
Quite simple yet inventive. After seeing it, it makes the most sense of Voyeur out of all these shorts. Great. (Nate Bower - "Safe" - pg. 4) 
cute cute ... simply but original. 
loved the camera angle and how everything looks. hahah awesome ending too! well done Fili! - Daanish (Publice Service Annoucement) 
I love this film, Fili. I find that it truly captures a common moment very honestly, that I've never seen portrayed in film. The acting was brilliantly natural. Well done. --David (Instant ESP) 
fabulous!! Well done Fili I like it,...Great...good luck"Voyeur, by Divakar Ghodake" 
oh... I felt myself like a real voyeur! 
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