Sun Blasted Ass

Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :09-01-2007, Uploaded By : Andrew
Directed By :  Andy Bowles, Log jamming,UK,
Shot On: Stills Camera, Edited On: Mac,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.99 mins
, ,    Views: 421
Inspiration: The tenacity of the common osterich when posed with a "homo erotic grape or nothing" situation.
Other Info: Intergalactic acosmic deathrays

what the f@#k is this? 
Reminded me of Beavis and Butthead and similar animation, don't know if it's my style, but I think its strange enough to generate reactions. 
As per usual, Bowles kills it. 
Cool technique. It was fun to watch even though i didn't find "the voyeur" subject anywhere. Maybe is just me. 
Very funny! 
hahaha brilliant! 
unique technique! hahaha your script was too funny. good stuff! - Daanish (Public Service Announcement) 
Now WHAT THE HELL are you talking about boy? don't you realize that the SUN is stalking the hillbillies? That's voyeurism, isnt it? 
Bravo! This stuff is HOT YAMANA of the highest kind. Glorious voicing, KOWAZELtastic dialogue, hilarious Carewvian guy.This is a real ass-cracker! 
By the way, whoever chose that particular frame for the listings must be a bit blind, dont u think? Great animation Bowles, likie a hot bath of lard while a midget plays that good old tut tut turut turu tut tut turu! 
its waffle in a stick! u blind or something!? 
How am i going to get to the bloody sun? - Of course! my magic horse wand!that is fucking hilarious, the voices are ridiculous, in a good way. You are the craziest film maker i know. Maybe you should start taking acid and see what kind of stuff u come out with then. i would pay to see that. 
thanks but i didn't write this... or did i... shit! ....who is in my account??? 
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