Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-21-2007, Uploaded By : S
Directed By :  STANKA GJURIC, ,,
Shot On: 20.09.2007, Edited On: 20.09.2007,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.17 mins
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Inspiration: A few days ago I came from the hospital, so I have a fresh memory :(, :)

Nicely done, I enjoyed it. 
I think it's a very touching short. You immediately connect with the actor. I liked it very much. If you have a chance see my short The Patient and tell me what you think. 
Dear Honorato, thank you for your comment. It seems that you didn not check your messages, because I already send you a message and my thoughts about your film. 
Good work. Nicely shot and edited it gives the feeling of the hospital room and it's atmosphere. Good luck! 
Thanks for your good comment. You are able to create a so real atmosphere with the images and the sound. Remenbering how It was to be sick when I was young. Bravo! Fée 
Very atmospheric as always, Stanka. I like how you choose to use imagery rather than a standard storyline to convey a feeling, much like my favourite music videos. Good luck! 
Stanka, you've made a film everyone could relate to! We've all gone through this (confined in bed) some time or other at some point in our lives. Well done! 
Thanks for the comment, Stanka. I remember staying home from school sick, and wanting to do nothing more than go outside and play with my friends. It's quite a hopeless feeling, which I think you captured here well. 
A stunning piece of work. A good young actor, haunting hypnotic music. You have a great eye!! -Brian (Addiction Control) 
Beautiful music and a touching feeling to it. You've created the mood alright. Well done!Daniel Barosa (For Sale) 
Lonelinedd is a really hard topic to tackle especially in such a short time. Ilove the shot where he gets up and has to get straight back in bed again because there's nowhere fot him to go. I suppose you could have taken away his football and chocloate cake but it's not as realistic. Let me know what you think of the dose. 
sorry the below comment should have read "loneliness is a really hard topic to tackle" 
im pretty young still so i remember that alone feeling when i was ill it was not too far back, it a horrible feeling, you brought back memories thank you for your messages, your on my list, Good Luck Stanka Gjuric, i feel so sad now 
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