Life In The Clinic

Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-28-2007, Uploaded By : Marcel
Directed By :  Marcel Parviz, filmmaker,Germany,
Shot On: Mini-DV, Edited On: Finalcut,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.25 mins
, , Germany   Views: 1003
Inspiration: i recently just stayed in a hospital for a couple of weeks
Other Info: QED...

Nice Twist! 
Wow! loved the twist. Smita (The V.V.I.P) 
solid film, i really enjoyed it, good luck to you 
Good acting and camerawork. Loved the twist! Got me thinking about the nature of sanity. Good luck and please check out "Homunculus" by Vangelis Mylonas 
I enyoed watching it, your choice of images works really well, I also think that the actors are good, but maybe the sudden change of attitude could have been developed slightly more. If you have time check out my short "The Patient" and tell me what you think. 
Hello Honorato,thanks and i also enjoyed watching your film. I really loved the idea with the sound. I think i got the point of it but i still got kind of irritaded at the end, i think the end could have maybe been a little bit longer. All the best luck to you. 
Thanks. I already watched your film and i also enjoyed a lot. I also have to say it reminded me of Jan Svankmajer, you should defintely check him out. Good luck to you. 
not normal at all, thats whats going to get you sum where,i loved your coloring, the old guy freaked me out alot, but in a good way, please leave a comment on my movie, "My Goodbye Story" 
My! If that reminds you of a hospital stay you had to endure please let me know which hospital, so I never go there. I liked it, particularly the fact that these were normal people acting in such a messed up fashion. I have to say that the lighting at times left a little to be desired, especially the part at the end with the older gentleman. The underexposure on his face was enough to take me out of the story. Otherwise, well done! Thanks for the comment! 
Really good, nice job! in short list! Good luck! 
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