My Goodbye Story

Contest Name :The Clinic, Submission Date :09-30-2007, Uploaded By : Warwick
Directed By :  Warwick Pistorius, student,South Africa,
Shot On: a camera, Edited On: Premier Pro and Vegas,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.77 mins
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Inspiration: someone close to my heart i lost

What (if any) filters did you use? And what camera? This looks great! Well done! 
Wow that was gruesome. Nice one! 
Very nice. I loved the setting! 
Very touching. 
it had a nightmarish quality. great cinematography. it was gruesome but the gore wasn't there for gore's shake, which I like. good luck and please check out Homunculus by Vangelis Mylonas 
wow!!from the opening title i was hooked, awesome music, awesome effects, this is my top five for sure 
Very tragic and moving. Nicely shot and well acted. Good work!Please have a look at mine!Greg Karpinski - director of "Clinic" 
Visually impressive. I especially liked the how well the injury was done. David A Elliott ("Rob Ridgeway Mobile Massage Therapy") 
WoW!that was intense u were really able to bring out the loss that engulfs us when we lose a dear one.Best of luck. Smita (The V.V.I.P) 
It all looked so good. the initial scene was brilliant and the ghost on the trampoline amazing. The problem is your actors weren't up to it or you didn't work them hard enough. Not for one second did she give a truthful account of what it is to loose someone. It's a massive thing to do but you need to cast someone who you know can put in that work, especially if you're making something from your own experience. I really loved it man, I just wanted truth from her and the doctor and I don't think we got it that's why I can't agree with Smitak. Loved the feel of the whole thing though. Thanks for your comments on "the dose" 
I got an eerie feeling watching it. Nice FXs and images. Good luck. If you can check out "The Patient" and tell me what you think. 
Im speechless... 
Very nice FXs at the beginning, i like how starts the film,like zombie horror movie! but then,i think the ghost made me lost the feelings. I think Alex mentioned a good point about the acting performance. i enjoyed your piece and say you good luck ! and thx for the comment you did on my piece "Extasy in the hospital" - Niko 
Fascinating ! 
thanx to the people who voted, and left comments.really appreciated it 
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