Double Lives

Contest Name :Extra Curricular Activities , Submission Date :10-28-2007, Uploaded By : David
Directed By :  David Bryant, Film Maker,London,
Shot On: Canon XL-1, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 0  Duration: 3.15 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 545
Inspiration: A question of double standards between the sexes, looking at the same scene in two very different ways.

Good shoot and good acting.Can you please view my videos and post your valuable suggestions.My videos are "sleepingbeauty","nobossnoloss" and chat@office.thank u 
That was very interesting and something I find myself discussing very often. Great cinematography, looks great, especially considering it was shot on miniDV. Good actors, they had a couple of odd moments, but generally they shine. I didn't even notice the editing, which means it did its work. Good job and please check out "Guitar Heroes" by Vangelis Mylonas 
You've got some nice acting going on. Great photography also, I love black and white! Really liked your idea also, and how you solved it with the shots. Nicely done. Check out "4413" and tell me what you think.Daniel Barosa 
That was great. Best look I've seen this month. Nate Bower "When you wish upon a porn star" 
The look of the movie was good.Felt in the start the dialogues or the volume was very low.Turned out well towards the end as the acting was superb.Paras R.Gandhi-director of "Pants Down" 
I think it was beautifully shot, but the actors were a bit too theatrical in my opinion.. 
Beautiful cinematography and good editing! Well done, David! --Joseph 
first of all, that was rad and great idea! its good man, be proud cuz its lank good! congratulations man, i didnt post anything, but if i can still vote, you'v got mine. 
Beautifully shot and well written too. I enjoyed the editing and thought actors were great.Good luck!Greg Karpinski - director of "Regulation 214b" 
I think she was acting very well. Your cinematography was great, too. Also liked the idea of the different views. But i think it was a little bit away from the subject.Good luck. 
Thanks to you all for your kind words, glad you like it.Though I believe the titles given are a jumping off point and should be wide open for interpretation. 
The movie was well directed. It has a great feel and the actor's both have presence which drew me in. As far as your comment about there being a double standard between the sexes, I honestly don't see it (in the film). What I see is a situation in which there really isn't any differce between the sexes, which points out the pain, and therefore the common humanity, either way. 
Thanks Jim. The double standard is not in the film, the scenes do play out the same, the double standard comes from the viewer who, in the majority (in my belief), would have more sympathy with the woman in both situations. Obviously you don't see it that way, which is a good thing in life. 
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