For You

Contest Name :Extra Curricular Activities , Submission Date :10-31-2007, Uploaded By : Marcel
Directed By :  Marcel Parviz, filmmaker,Germany,
Shot On: Mini-DV, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.50 mins
, , Germany   Views: 610
Inspiration: based on a real story

I realy like that short film. It a touching and funny real story. Dreaming is always what I do the best too. You are in my short list. Fée 
Good work. Please check out "Guitar Heroes" by Vangelis Mylonas 
You are now in my shortlist.One of the best in the lot.Please check my videos "noboss..noloss","sleepingbeauty" and "chat@office" 
Well done Marcel. Good luck to you. 
The ending is classic. I really like the treatment in the dream sequenses. Good job. Check out La hora and Desviación 
Interesting story with a nice twist at the end. Keep up the good work! --Joseph 
A really charming film.. sweet! 
Nice! Lovely story.Good luck!Greg Karpinski - director of "Regulation 214b" 
Nice and moving. Maxime "The Toiletech Movie" 
Cool. I want to know, in the real story, did the young postman come back again another time? 
Hello Nathan, glad you liked it. But in reality it was a different twist, the girl doesn't work at this office anymore. I'm sorry to disappoint you. 
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