Home For The Holidays

Contest Name :Home for the Holidays, Submission Date :11-30-2007, Uploaded By : Marcel
Directed By :  Marcel Parviz, filmmaker,Karlsruhe,
Shot On: Mini-DV, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.21 mins
, , Germany   Views: 455
Inspiration: memories of christmas

You can tell so much just by the actors facial expressions! great concept and well shot! - Daanish and David ("home for the Holidays" pg. 3) 
Haha, your lead actor is fantastic. I love the editing, all the jump cutting. Nice work with the voice-over too. Great job! -Brian ("Christmas in Reno") 
yeh pretty cool! I really like the jump cuts at the start and the end was fantastic! good work!'home for xmas' danyl stephenson 
Cool movie. I felt the relief of the actor when he smiled on the train. Well done! 
There's something to this short... it feels very natural. The actor is great. The jump cuts in the car reminded me a lot of Godard. Good work! Daniel Barosa (The bedtime story of the girl...) 
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