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Contest Name :Home for the Holidays, Submission Date :11-30-2007, Uploaded By : David
Directed By :  David Sullivan, filmaker,,
Shot On: miniDV, Edited On: Premier Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.60 mins
, ,    Views: 417

well acted. great lighting, which I find to be one of the hardest things to do. hahah the swearing worked perfectly! nice little twist! - Daanish and David ("home for the Holidays" pg. 3) 
Haha, thats one crazy guy. This was very entertaining. i loved the little bit at the end. Very funny! Nice job! -Brian ("Christmas in Reno") 
hahaha...very funny! Really liked the voice off with all the cursing. Worked perfectly with the image. How did you do the last shot?Daniel Barosa (The prophecy of the girl...) 
m wes: Great dialogue which builds up serious tension, but at the same time - blackly HILARIOUS! I like the absurdist element and the ordinary within the extraordinary. Yeah - it has the binary stuff happening - he's mad but sane, funny but dangerous, real but imaginary. And a brilliant ending! 
loved the foul language, dude! And that last shot leaves me jealous!-Randy Hines("Suburban Holidays", "Decorations") 
nice short! very entertaining, keeps you interested with the acting all the way through with a great nicely twisted ending.also, great beard! 
Good dialogues, surprising short... loved it! 
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