Simon & Emily Go To The Moon

Contest Name :Wild Card Contest, Submission Date :12-26-2007, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Isserow, Film & TV make-happener,London,
Shot On: (animated), Edited On: Premiere CS3,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.19 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 858
Inspiration: Simon & Emily are two characters from a supernatural feature film we just completed. This is a very silly alternate reality where they are cartoons...
Other Info: This is the first in a series of animated Simon & Emily cartoons. The rest of the series will be up at as 2008 begins/continues.

This is very funny ! I loved it ! Maxime (The Day the world went away) 
funny!, said vivien 
The animation is good. Though I couldn't understand this clip properly. All the Best! 
hahahaha. very funny. super funny design and content. The fact that the cute children's book style characters, drawings style, and colors contrast with harsher content (demons, theft, and death etc) makes it even funnier.only thing i would watch out for is that there are a little too much use of the narrator saying the same thing too often, kinda slows down the gags just a bit. but this is a small issue.well designed and written. really funny twist at the end.good work and good luck.-mike (Timmy's Christmas) 
The end was very funny and unexpected I liked that,but the 'said' gag (if it's ment as a gag) was something that started to make me nervous after 1 minute to be honnest...said Ghostwriter :-) 
Loved the ending (didn't see it coming!) Nice one. 
Excellent! I love the animation style! 
Very nice. My sort of humour. hehe.(Check out 'Weathered') 
hey Lee that was actually pretty cool! loved the ending and animation! - daanish ("True Colours" pg 7) 
Good humor and very funny ending, but I think the narrator repeats to much the word 'said Emily, said Simon'. Drawing style is cool, like 'south park'. 
Hey really like it...thank you for the comments on 'DRE'. Did you do the animation as well... 
I loved it.Keep on.Hammoudi 
I always enjoy your clips Lee. Always fun and imaginative. I will look for more Simon and Emily. Thanks for checking out Every Single Day. -William 
very cool ! Simple but really efficient ! Excellent ending, as everyone said ! I definitely will check out more of their stories. :-) 
Liked the narrator's repetition of "Said Simon, said emily." I thought the landing was hilarious. 
Effective and lovely simplicity. Really funny lines in there! 
Nice animation. Cool end. Good job. Well done. Looking forward to see moreā€¦ 
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