Dead Serious

Contest Name :Wild Card Contest, Submission Date :12-27-2007, Uploaded By : Jonathan
Directed By :  Jonathan Maxwell Reeves, Actor / Writer / Director,Belgium,
Shot On: Canon MD101 - cheap cam with terrible microphone, Edited On: Adobe Premiere CS3 Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.92 mins
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Inspiration: I always wanted to make a short with a bad actor (myself),terrible sound and bad lightning. Here it is,but hey it’s a ‘no budget’ short for something.
Other Info: There`s also a director`s cut version but that is 4:25 minutes,so to long to enter the competition. It`s available upon request for viewing.

I liked the direction in this. Nicely done. -Sean Crowder- (REQUIEM) 
Thank you. It was filmed on just one afternoon (in my own living room with a tram passing by every few minutes) and I'am not very happy with the 3 minutes version you see here. I made a B/W Director's Cut version which is much better...but not fitting the competition rules. It's the very first short I'am making and I already learned things I will not do next time. 
You said about the bad acting... but it's great :DLiked it very much... hope to see the director`s cut one day. 
Very well done for your first short. You're understanding of narrative cinema is apparant. The lighting wasn't all that bad, its sometimes hard to light for MiniDV - it gets sensitive sometimes. I like your direction. And, if it was done on purpose or not, the shot of death towards the end when his postion and eyeline is totally different to every other shot - i laughed my arse off. Well done! 
You mean the 'Life Sucks' shot ? That was planned to do so,I wanted to make look death a bit stupid and different. But it was also the very last shot of the whole short and I was running out of tape so I didn't had time to try a few things out. 
I can do a lot better then I did in this short. It was planned to have an actor for the part of death but he dropped out a few days before shooting so I decided to play it myself. The girl (Rose) is an professional Belgian actress who currently plays in London somewhere in a theatre. She's very good,and I hope to make other shorts with her when she's in Belgium again. 
Thank you for your comment. I like the story very much! 
Very funny. Your performance is great, full of personality and character. You should definitely do more acting - I'd like to see you acting in your mother tongue. Keep up the good work. 
There is a version in Dutch too,that has other jokes in it because some jokes just cannot be translated into English. What the acting concerns,okay I was trained for 6 years by one Belgium's leading actors (Herbert Flack - look his name up in IMDB) but I don't consider myself a good actor. People say I have a special face and that helps with auditions,but I'am almost 1 year unemployed now. Belgium is a very small country and you always see the same people who get the best jobs. That's why I more like to write and make movies (I got a huge project in the pipeline but I'll need at least 250.000$ probably more to make it...anyone :-) ) because I can use the internet to show what I can in the hope that one day I'll get my big chance to direct a feature or tv series. (May I dream for 5 seconds yes ? :-) ) 
Love the protrayal of "Death" quite a lot! 
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