The P.A.C.T. Ep.#1 The Suicide

Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :03-02-2009, Uploaded By : Nathan
Directed By :  Nathan Waire (Nate Zen-Sapien), writer, director & producer,,
Shot On: sony cam, Edited On: imovie hd,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.97 mins
Union ,NJ , United States   Views: 835
Inspiration: PACT(People 4 Active Community Therapy) is based on real teams of medical pros who help people with mental illnesses. This excerpt is from 55pg script

This piece was edited from a larger episode that had more people and characters around the table. That is the reason why towards the end the main/principal characters are looking from side to side and not directly into the camera.  
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