Livin' With Elvis

Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :03-10-2009, Uploaded By : Jim
Directed By :  Jim Melnick, Artist,,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.83 mins
Woodbridge ,NJ , United States   Views: 624
Inspiration: In this episode of "Livin' With Elvis" from Turtletalk/Thirsty Pirate Productions, Jerry and Roger take in a new roommate and things get dicey...

Nice Beginning Jim :p. Check out my short "OUTSOURCING". 
Liked the story - living with a Mascot. Does he have any cheerleaders friends? Also thanks for watching our Captain Bad Luck. Glad you had the patience to see it more than once to capture all the details. Shortlisted  
"Is that for your face or chest" Haha.  
Great premise, very funny. Shortlisted - look forward to seeing how it's going to progress as a series. Lee (Necromantic) 
Guys.... I liked it, and on here....thats saying a lot.  
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