Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :04-17-2009, Uploaded By : Steven
Directed By :  steven mitchell, youth worker,,
Shot On: sony hdv, Edited On: mac pro quad,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.92 mins
kilmarnock ,east ayrshire , United Kingdom   Views: 599
Inspiration: How big is God's grace? Can anyone, no matter what they have done, repent and enter Heaven?

Very nice!!. Worth being a series. 
very minimalistic. caught me by surprise, because i kept expecting something to change, a different camera angle, a flashback, i don't know... so the ending twist was great -- very creepy. 
Great framing and great twist at the end, but you may want to re sync dialogue. Somewhat distracting. 
some very interesting ideas, cool. 
good movie! i like the idea, is amazing, i like the music and the tone of characters... very cool... i have 2 movies in this competition, visit please. Are Bad time good business and the corridor, pag 15. 
Facinating idea, a concept i've given much thought to 
Extremely intersting concept, hard at first sight but you did very well : a nice photography, good dialogues and great actors. One of my favorites. Check out my "Fouteen", if you have time ! 
Nice. Actually reminded me that moment from "Matrix" when agent Smith enters mind of one character to try to kill Neo. 8)) Just a comparison. Otherwise liked the concept very much. Devil enters mind of supposedly protected person priest. Definitely cool. 5/5 
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