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Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :04-20-2009, Uploaded By : Lina
Directed By :  Lina Soblyte, artist,,
   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.92 mins
London ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 697
Inspiration: When it comes to hard times only the creative ones survive..

hehe don't want coffee XD but interesting story. 
Love the story. Getting a vote from me, for sure... 
Hmph! LOL! 
oh I'll meet you for coffee, all right!!! lol. its a cute film 
I agree with the consensus. Cute. :) 
Wow! So much attention! Really glad to see it's being noticed. Progression is the key! Thank you everyone. I better start voting myself :) Let's check out your creativity.. 
I like her creativity to get some money. Women are smart. 
Well done, a nice surprise and funny/awkward situation.  
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