Hard Times For Changes

Contest Name :Hard Times, Submission Date :05-03-2009, Uploaded By : John
Directed By :  John Efthimiou, Computer Technician,,
   Crew Members: 13  Duration: 3.22 mins
Corinthos ,Corinthos , Greece   Views: 783
Inspiration: There are not difficulties only in our jobs, in the economy, but also in others issues. One of which is how we see one another.

Your video is very funny!!!! 
nice one 
very good well done 
Very different from anything I've seen so far! Well done! Shortlisted! 
Well done guys! Shortlisted!!! 
Good Luck!!! 
Not only it's funny, but you can tell that it's a professionals work!!! 
I love it!!! Nice try guys! Shortlisted!!! 
Wishing you the best!!! Shortlisted! 
very good effort.best wishes. 
Very Nice!!I was Impressed!! 
such a good idea to film this theme...good luck! 
It's so funny!!!!!!!! i like it! 
Good Luck Guys 
the soundtrack completes it all soooo well! You must have some really great connections to get the rights for using the songs as well. amazed :) 
really great work. i'd love you to check out "Neil Gets Fired" 
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