The Secret Adventures Of A Wiz Kid(Mexico)

Contest Name :2007 Feature Winners, Submission Date :02-26-2008, Uploaded By : Rodrigo Lopez/Arturo
Directed By :  Luis Bernal Salazar, Filmaker,Mexico,
Shot On: Arri 416, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 40  Duration: 3.71 mins
, , United States   Views: 1227
Inspiration: The struggle of dreams and hope within the darkest reality.
Other Info: A boy who sleeps on the streets has a secret none of his friends can figure out. Something in the refuge of his own mind keeps him smiling.

Dear Luis Bernal Salazar, very impressive. You have fully developed your own language of cinema. Congratulations. I also like the way you are dealing with sound. The only worry I have is the huge amount of crew; you have to learn how to do the same film with 5 people, or less, involved. Some of my own bigger films, like Aguirre, had a crew of 8. Best of luck to you. Suerte. Werner Herzog {Jury Member}
I found this film really moving. I was a bit choked up at the end. Your actors are utterly convincing and you must have directed them with great sensitivity. Congratulations. 
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