The Kinght And The Princess

Contest Name :2007 Feature Winners, Submission Date :02-27-2008, Uploaded By : Ricardo
Directed By :  Ricardo de Almeida, Assistant Director,Portugal,
Shot On: ., Edited On: .,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.95 mins
, , Portugal   Views: 541
Inspiration: One of my best friends divorce...
Other Info: A man is his darling daughter s knight and protector. She cannot understand the moral complexity of the deeds he may commit to provide for her.

Dear Ricardo de Almeida, this is most impressive. You are telling a big story in only 3 minutes, and it contains all the mysterious qualities cinema can have. I also like the way you are dealing with actors. Congratulations. My best wishes to you. Werner Herzog {Jury Member}
Hi Ricardo This is a beautiful and touching film. I like the two layes of story. I have seen it many times now and it keeps on getting better. Keep on the good work. I look foreward to see more from you in the future. Good luck to you. ANNE -THE FAMOUS SMILE 
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