Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :05-28-2008, Uploaded By : Fred
Directed By :  Fred Albert , Bartender,California,
Shot On: Panasonic DVX 1000, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.90 mins
, , United States   Views: 240
Inspiration: dream

that is damn good. good luck 
that single shot of ur film wer he shoot that lady, can shake ur viewers... great work keep going 
convincing actors 
Wow! Excellent! Very cool dream! - Bryan (The Case of the Missing Maxwell) 
good work. Well executed.  
really intense 3 minutes.. nice work. 
By far the best. Actors are great, guy with the gun should win an award. I would love to see where this goes in a feature. Love Love Love the ending. 
This is fantastic, really creepy. Imagine watching someone call your boss and telling them you were murdered. This needs to be made into a full length feature but keep the actors, they are just as good as the story. 
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