Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :05-30-2008, Uploaded By : Zach
Directed By :  Zach Marion, Unemployed,Bemidji, MN,
Shot On: Canon XHA1, Edited On: iMac w/ FCP Studio 1,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United States   Views: 2870
Inspiration: The main character is based on a real person.
Other Info: The plot grew out of the idea that the conflict occurring in front of the "closed doors" should be a result of what is going on "behind" them.

Logically the abortion protester/documentary filmmaker wouldn't have the interview footage after the 1st tape was destroyed or the audio from inside the clinic but I still enjoyed this short.  
Great to see a short about something real. Promising. 
awesome film! I like the way you had the disscusion inside the clinic but kept the images of the action outside. well done  
Zack, great job, the glass breaking shot really good, super idea for the Doc Competition...Good Luck 
that was a great combination of a action (real) shot with the voice coming frm the clinic..great work 
Awesome topic and concept - Bryan (The Case of the Missing Maxwell) 
already mentioned, but the mix of outside image with inside audio really well done. 
very intense short. good work. 
whoa! that was different and intense. not sure how this fit the theme but it had a good build up and execution. well done 
really liked this one, nice work! 
great film and great topic 
except for the tape loophole.. really really well done.. as roger ebert would say.. two thumbs.. way up.. :) 
Well done, that was very good. 
very nice job!! 
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