My Sweetheart

Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :05-31-2008, Uploaded By : Aliakbar
Directed By :  Aliakbar Campwala, Filmmaker/Student,England,
Shot On: PD 170, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.98 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 410
Inspiration: Art Cinema Narratives

good work, mate! love the heart your actress has put into this movie.. lol..  
Nice Ali. I loved the build up. Well done and good luck bro! 
great work. the actress was great! 
Very promising, well done to all. 
the end is cool!! comes as such a shock when watching for the first time. oh and the girl is very nice!! good luck Tony! LOL 
good job ali ...i loved ur camera angels ..few shorts were really good.. all the best 
Aliakbar, love this , is in my short list for sure, love the shot with the mirror, good luck. 
Never mess with her! Great! - Bryan (The Case of the Missing Maxwell) 
loved the atmosphere in this.. she's so evil, can i have her number? hahaha.. nice work n good luck! 
A little predictable story but the good acting and direction make it very enjoyable to watch. 
ali you become master of working with one actor...good short 
Thanks pals for all the comments and feedback!..I tried to pull the story with just one character ...which I always take it as a challenge to keep the audiences attention for that vital 3 mins time will be more characters lol hahaha..Best of Luck to all participants!! 
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