Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :06-02-2008, Uploaded By : Matthew
Directed By :  Matthew Collins, Filmmaker,Brooklyn, NY,
Shot On: AG-HVX200, Edited On: Adobe Premiere,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.08 mins
, , United States   Views: 1085
Inspiration: Idea by Delfine Paolini...secrets on both sides of the doors...
Other Info: Filmed at Le Salon De Sade dungeon in Manhattan: www.magickalevents.com Free licence music by Minoff at minoff.newgrounds.com

great music. fun film. 
Spot on. Great job. 
this actress is gorgeous! beautifully shot.  
Props to Matt, Ryan, Bill, and Aaron! xoxo 
This film gets it just right. Love the music, concise story, well shot, enigmatic lead. Best of luck! 
This is now my favorite of the lot. Sharp little short. Looks beautiful 
Well done. Fabulous short! Beautiful stuff 
The best of these films for many reasons. witty story telling, sexy color and shots, and an alluring, uniquely intense lead. She is of a very different cailber.  
Charming film. Spot on. Equally as charming actress, simply gorgeous. Good luck! 
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Nice one! 
Matthew, great job, beautiful colors, Good Luck 
You are the best film. Delfine is the best actress... Very sexy and dope. Uristen 
You are the best film. Delfine is the best actress... Very sexy and dope. Uristen 
Wonderful short! Sharp story telling. Beautiful shots. My favorite of the films this month. "Are you ready" = the sexiest scene I've ever seen! Captivating and unique actress, excellent. 
Wow! Love this film! Is it just me, or is this actress a sexier/younger Patricia Arquette(True Romance era)? Incredibly photogenic and radiant on film. This short is beautifully shot and witty. Love the music. My vote is with you. Best of luck! 
good cinematography and art design. 
ooo that is some kinky s*** the edting is razor sharp and the music fits the film very well indeed. I think in my next film im gonna show off my tattoo LOL! 
Thanks for all the kind comments! Glad it was enjoyed! 
I love the cinematography, Beautiful shots....Beautiful lead Fantastic job! Very professional. 
Cool use of fun music to make the S&M stuff fun, but maybe it doesn't fit / distracts when the man in the gas mask appears? or when she's washing her hands and opening / closing the door? Otherwise, I really liked it. And I loved the credits with the spanking sounds! 
Superb lighting, and even better act :) Ah .... black nail polish :) How did I know? Cheers, 
can you send her over to flat number 13 please.. lol.. great stuff.. 
great direction, great script, beautifully shot, beautifully acted, clever , witty and somehow sad - very good storytelling with a minimum of dialogue (the mark of great film making) - you packed a whole feast into a very short time, very skilfully done - this is what making movies is all about - can't wait for your next, Matt - congratulations!!! - mistraldc 
glad to have gotten my vote in. beautiful film. goddess is gorgeous 
Fine direction, excellent cinematography and lighting - sexy story! Love that Brit gas mask! Good way to get on a freak! Vitto 
Thanks again to all who commented and voted! Now that voting is done, some production notes. - We had a crew of three on set including myself, our cinematographer and producer (code for gopher on such a small set). - We shot it on June 1st (one day before the deadline) in an 8-hour period. - Editing took place over night, starting at midnight (due to our editors schedule) and getting done around five am, just 3 hours before I had to be at work! - We conceived of the idea the day before and were going to do a completely different film but that fell apart due to a scheduling conflict (and is now going to be our jury entry). - We shot in a real S&M dungeon that we are acquainted with through a friend. - "The Gimp" shall remain nameless...but was a very good sport about the whole thing in an incredibly uncomfortable gas mask! Look for our next more extensive project for the "Help Wanted" contest! Delfine retruns in a very different role! Thanks again! 
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