Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :06-02-2008, Uploaded By : Mario
Directed By :  Hugo Albores/Mario P.de Alba, Actor,MC,
Shot On: México , Edited On: Final Cut Express,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.93 mins
, , Mexico   Views: 611 Other Info: Have the film on the correct specifications you say,but the compressing process made the film darker dont know why, trust u can solve illuminaton!

lol classic twist ! 
great actors....kept my attention 
Great twist. I love it! - Bryan (The Case of the Missing Maxwell) 
thanks. made me laugh! 
Hugo y Mario, muy bueno, especialmente la mezcla de la histeria y el humor. Buena Suerte muchachos. 
Hey guys very funny! nothing like a good pizza to calm things down hahaha..  
what a short.. great effort 
I absolutely loved the way the actors get that hysterical !!!! Maxime ( A Momentary Lapse of reason) 
pizza for world peace.. lol.. very funny... 
Dock now! Lol, hilarious short, well done. 
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