Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :06-02-2008, Uploaded By : Billy
Directed By :  Billy Wong, freelance filmaker,Canada,
Shot On: DVX100B, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.15 mins
, , Canada   Views: 388
Inspiration: Going to the bathroom and reading what's written on the walls.

tht was sweet.. 
Great ! Very profound. 
Truthful. Painful. Great job. Loved this. 
Wow, what a great performance. 
Great actress and very original concept. Definitely shortlisted. - Bryan (The Case of the Missing Maxwell) 
One of the best. Great direction. Congrats. 
Billy, love the pace and the momentum keeping us in suspense to find out what she wrote. Short listed...Good Luck 
Deep. Really pulled me in. 
excellent short. 
very nice concept.. well made.. 
Interesting idea and loved the pacing. All the best. 
Really good... great job 
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