A Parliament Of Rooks

Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :07-17-2008, Uploaded By : Matthew
Directed By :  Matthew A. Collins, Filmmaker,Brooklyn, NY,
Shot On: HVX 200, Edited On: Adobe Premiere CS3,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.34 mins
Brooklyn ,NY , United States   Views: 8076
Inspiration: A True Story: strangers, Tony and Delfine bond in a mental hospital after both attempt suicide, he believing her to be his late wife.
Other Info: Short is an impressionistic, microcosmic version of a feature script in development. Our actors are playing themselves.

This was a very special film. Beautiful story telling and imagery. I am shocked you didn't win and shocked at the jury. They didn't get it right. You were clearly the best film.  
I will reiterate, you got jipped by the jury. I am baffled. You have such a great film here. Congratulations on the achievement, a beautiful film. 
A true work of art if ever I saw one. Amazing production values, a visual style to die for, sensitively directed and beautifully performed. A phenomenal piece. 
I was really looking forward to seeing this jury after hearing about your film "The Crossing" last month. I can only say I am at a loss for words after seeing the other top 2 films supposedly in front of this. I generally would just say a simple "well done" in the acheivement, but I find this really sad and unfortunate. It doesn't take a professional to see the difference in caliber in every respect. This is without a doubt the top film. I join the others in saying "they got it wrong".  
I echo the same guys, shock and awe... Tremendous skill and film. The real deal= Matt and Delphine. I can't help but feel outrage on your part. It is a really sad day when a jury votes over this level of acheivement. Not even a question, not even a close call, you were robbed and deserved the top prize. The jury should be ashamed of themselves. 
What a joke! I'm waiting for the ten jury members who were drugged and locked in a closet to wake up. If this isn't the scenerio, which would at least be entertaining, something is seriously sketchy in the inner workings of filmaka for them not to see what is plainly obvious to the rest of us. This film is phenomenal. I'm frankly sorry for the director. It's almost comical how robbed you were of the top spot. 
You were indeed robbed, but I'd like to think the story below is true so it makes it easier to stomach. The work stands on its own, don't need a jury to tell you you're number one. Its obvious. Think how they feel, they're locked in a closet somewhere, eh? Keep on what you do, we take notice. 
Incredible film! So freakin skilled. Seriously impressive. Highly skilled performances. That dialogue is so well written. The story is touching, can see how it would make a great feature. The music is gorgeous and plays along perfectly. Another success Matt 
I'd have to agree with the other notes about this jury competition. I don't understand in the slightest how your film didn't win. Pretty strange if you ask me. I don't even see a comparison to this level of film making. Phenomenal film and performances, fantastic writing.  
I'm sorry but its disgraceful that this film was not rewarded properly. Leaps and bounds beyond the top two, no disrespect but these guys clearly deserved top prize. Congratulations to the writers and director, you got chops! 
So they listed the jurors who voted on this one. Relieved to know Wenders and Herzog were locked in a closet after all. Makes sense it was Penn who got it all wrong.  
This is a visual masterpiece. Also, the story was the only one thorough and engaging out of the top 3. Wonderful film. Really stood out to me. I LOVE the dialogue scene. It is superb. 
it is visually one of the most compelling things i've seen here... but the story doesnt quite make it for me.  
this is so beautiful guys. Very touching and engaging story. Performances are great! Absolutely phenomenal start to finish. 
Very proud of you Matt, a long way from Scalpel on an emotional/maturity level. 
Incredible! I was feeling it on every level. The story really stands out and sucked me in. Also, the performances are fantastic, top of the line. Very professional and unique. Intimidating, since I don't know how you got some of those shots. Care to share some prod notes? Thanks! 
Hi all, thanks for the kind comments as always! Production notes, here we go: As stated, this is based on a true story which is also the basis for a feature script of the same name - We shot on the Panasonic HVX-200 with a 35mm lens adapter which gave us some beautiful depth-of-field - We had a crew of 3 yet again - The dialogue scene was filmed in the YMCA at green point and we found a room that could most easily pass for the room in a mental hospital - On the first day of shooting, our producer's car (which we use to transport all the camera and lighting gear) died...twice - When we got to the YMCA they had given our room to someone else even though we had booked two weeks prior, so we found another room which turned out to be better - The earliest we could start shooting was 3pm since that is the check-in time at the Y, so we lost our sunlight half way through and had to supplement it with the few lights we had with us - The shore scenes were shot at the South Street Seaport without any kind of permits - For the final shot of Tony walking into the water, he simply did just that! We found a little beach just under the Brooklyn Bridge and he volunteered to simply walk right in. He was waist-deep before he heard me yelling CUT - All told, including our camera, props, food, location fees, etc, we spent about $700 - Thanks again for the comments and support, please check out the "Making of" for more information! 
Thanks Matt, Sounds like it was quite the adventure to film this. Congratulations again. It is an incredible film and beautifully told story. 
Great work. Nicely shot. Good choice of lenses. Congratulations Matt. Keep it up. 
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