Contest Name :FX Network Competition, Submission Date :04-25-2008, Uploaded By : Phaylen
Directed By :  Phaylen Fairchild, Writer/Director,Second Life,
Shot On: Fraps Screen capture, Edited On: Sony Vegas 8,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.01 mins
, ,    Views: 171
Inspiration: The main character is based on a screenplay I had written 8 years ago, and before i had any experience with virtual worlds or content. Upon delving into Second life, I realized the potential the medium has for storytelling and decided to adapt the concept into the new medium. Thus, I created one of the first virtual sitcoms.
Other Info: DiVAS follows the comedic (mis)adventures of a hapless, on-the-wagon DiVA and the eccentric inhabitants of 5th and Fabulous Street.

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