One Fine Day!

Contest Name :FX Network Competition, Submission Date :05-10-2008, Uploaded By : Derek
Directed By :  Derek Klein, IT Consultant,Bartlett, IL,
Shot On: Canon HV20, Edited On: Mac,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.99 mins
, ,    Views: 186
Inspiration: One Fine Day is based on the lives and experiences of creators Derek Klein and Marc Morin Jr. from when they were college resident advisers.
Other Info: One Fine Day! is a half hour mockumentary that focuses on a group of six students who live and work inside a campus dormitory as resident advisors (RAs). As RAs, these individuals are responsible for maintaining order and making sure the rules and regulations of the dorm are followed by the "RESIDENTS" and for designing "PROGRAMS" for social education and entertainment purposes. A majority of the series' comedy comes from the interactions each RA has with mischievous residents and how each RA can handle the situations presented to them. These "INCIDENTS" may include craziness related to alcohol abuse, animal investigations, and pranks on the RAs performed by the RESIDENTS.

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