Contest Name :FX Network Competition, Submission Date :05-11-2008, Uploaded By : Katherine
Directed By :  Kate Hahn, Administrative Assistant,Los Angeles,
Shot On: Sony Digital 8 Handycam, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 0.00 mins
, ,    Views: 188
Inspiration: Having danced for 16 years I have seen many girls dream of one day becoming dancers in music videos. From living in L.A. the past 3 years I've witnessed the tragic reality that music videos cannot, and will not, ever pay the bills. This is the story of someone trying to be the exception.
Other Info: An aspiring video vixen strives to convince the world (and even herself) that her life is more Bentleys and Caviar and less Corollas and Ramen.

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