Jiz Show

Contest Name :FX Network Competition, Submission Date :05-12-2008, Uploaded By : Martin
Directed By :  Martin Sansone, Creative Marketing/Producer,UK,
Shot On: Maxon Cinema4d V8, Edited On: May 9th 2008,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 0.68 mins
, , United States   Views: 347
Inspiration: Common Sense is Not Very Common Anymore. The honest answer to situations often isn't appreciated or tolerated in today's society!... The antidote - Jiz, rich in character and a unique take at voyeurism in the form of 3d CGI animation. The plot is funny and the gags just keep on coming ! ;-)
Other Info: Two unhinged males of 30 something adept with CGI computer modeling and a vibrant cheeky imagination are taking Comedy through animation in an edgy new direction totally falling within the category of Adult Cartoon Entertainment!

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