I Need You

Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :06-30-2008, Uploaded By : Tinna
Directed By :  Tinna Bjork olafsdottir, filmmaker/photographer,In the woods,
Shot On: canon XAHi, Edited On: avid,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 1.36 mins
, , Sweden   Views: 595
Inspiration: "I need you" is not always about relationships between people but can also be about higher power.
Other Info: But this girl is seriously confused and would need help to land.

Wow... that was very impressive. Packed a powerful punch in only a little more than a minute too. 
Love the simplicity and the OTT imagery. Food for thought! 
Great editing, the V.O worked perfectly with the image. When it was over, I wanted more. 
well filmed. hearing it in it's 'original voice' really worked for me. gave it a good feeling. liked it lots! 
Good work. You seem to have a cathartic/transcendent approach to cinema (Dreyer came to mind). However, personally, I would have preferred less of the white flash dissolves - which you avoided with your second film - but I preferred this one as a whole.  
some real good shots n liked the pace of the film..good effort keep going 
Tinna this is your best so far ! Maxime Pourbaix (The Mojo) 
I love your style. There's a peculiar atmosphere here. Take a look at my short (Help wanted for dinner girl...) and tell me what you think. Thanks and good luck.  
Just so you know - after watching all of the entries for Help Wanted, I decided on this movie as being the best and voted similarly. Great job and good luck. 
WOW!!!! This is deffinetly the style I like. I invite you to watch the animation I did for this competition. "HELP, WANTED DEATH OR ALIVE" i couldnt finishi it for the dateline. Your coments will be my price. check it at my profile 
excellent. her voice is so great that i didn't need subtitles to get a sense (the feeling?) of what she's saying. and the way you edited it like a quick montage, like thoughts rushing though her brain, i don''t know... told the story in a very hard-hitting, no-time-to-think way. congratulations! 
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