Calahans Story

Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-01-2008, Uploaded By : Izzy
Directed By :  Ismail Atiev, Student,Toronto,
Shot On: Canon XH-A1, Edited On: Sony Vegas 7.0,  Crew Members: 7  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United States   Views: 298
Inspiration: old detective movies, the tomato scare. - thanks to Robert for the original music, and James, Jesse and Lee for their help.

great concept! Loved it! 
Good cinematography! 
well done noir 
Nice Noir feel. Very good original music! - Baldman Pictures "The Waiting Room" 
liked your lighting !! very well done! 
Great job on the cinematography, it really had the essence of a noir film. The way you used the V.O with the image worked very well. Great concept, keep going! 
This film leaves much to be desired. Shakey cinematography and poor performances.  
felt a bit undeveloped and uninspiring acting. 
The story could use more development, actors not very credible. Keep at it! 
Well, I liked it, especially the mood conveyed through the cinematography. I didn't like the fact that you either came upon the same line, or directly took the line "it was a case to end all cases" from "A Detective Story." 
I didn't think there was much "shakey cam". Especially for these days! It's hardly "The Shield". Your use of colour intrigued me. It seemed to me you were converting the 50s noir thematics (post-WW2 industrialisation - and break out of cold war) and perhaps making it contemporary with current fears (like the enviroment) Hence the splurge of colour with the contamination. Anyway, good effort.  
What's with all the negativity?!?!? I liked your film Ismail. Had some awesome shots in it. And the shot of the vintage car was the money shot. It was like classic detective story with cool new camera movement and angles. I liked the flash of colour on the tomato, reminded me of Sin City Enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work 
loved the cinematography. well done Ismail!!!! 
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