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Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :07-02-2008, Uploaded By : Maxime
Directed By :  Maxime Pourbaix, Student,Lille,
Shot On: Panasonic, Edited On: Pinnacle,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.25 mins
, , France   Views: 398
Inspiration: Filmaka, my life and particulary June 2008

great job as usual. Very funny! 
I usually don't like these 'meta-stories' about people trying to come up with ideas for the movie they're making, but you did it with enough wit to make it amusing and make me forget my bias. Great job. 
another good one Maxim, really enjoyed it. the only thing i found a little bothersome was trying to catch up with the subs so i had to pause a lot. perhaps you could try with a black border/shadow so its easier to catch when you have bright backgrounds.  
Movies about making movies or writing them can be just as generic as all those bad ideas that were mentioned, but you pulled it off. What you lacked in production value you made up for in irreverence... and I actually liked the samurai plot.  
je ne parle pas le francais mais je t'aime votre filme. 
ooh la la, dude! this is GREAT! i started laughing in the first 5 seconds. the idea is GREAT. loved the irreverent humor and the montage showing the film ideas. loved the countdown at the end. had a tough time following all the dialogue because the subtitles went by so fast, but whatever, i got most of it. excellent, maxime. 
good!!! i like it, i will vote for you I invite you to watch the animation I did for this competition. "HELP, WANTED DEATH OR ALIVE" i couldnt finishi it for the dateline. Your coments will be my price. check it at my profile 
Funny! Really enjoyed watching this - great pacing and was engaged throughout.  
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